Good Reads: Two Thrillers and One Romance

In the mood for an intense read?

You could get engrossed in a heady romance novel or bury your face in two compelling mystery thrillers with just the right amount of suspense to make your heart race and keep you on the edge of your seat.



A strong-minded intelligent beauty and a new king. Tell me you don’t want to know what’s gonna happen!!

Novel by award-winning author Selena Montgomery.

Power Of Persuasion (Arabesque)


5 STARS! Mary Leo has constructed a unique example of a one-of-its-kind historical fiction based on actual horrendous murders that occurred in Chicago.

Trusting Evil


Texas Deputy Sheriff Jim Doe is on the hunt for a sociopath who has been abducting Indian children in the heartland. The suspect is an American Indian. Doe, a descendant of the Blackfeet Nation himself, keeps getting mistaken for the killer that he’s chasing.
[ Sounds like fun, huh?! :) ]

Author, Stephen Graham Jones, born and raised in Texas; American Indian, Blackfeet Nation. This is his second novel.

All the Beautiful Sinners

Power Of Persuasion (Arabesque)

Trusting Evil

All the Beautiful Sinners

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  1. Nothing better than to curl up with a warm blanket and a good book.

    • LOL. You know it! Although … the romance novels can usually keep you warm under that blanket. While the thrillers give you chills and have you shivering even though you’re under a warm blanket! :)

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