Boho Bags

Stylish Boho Handbags

Boho bags are Bohemian inspired, eclectic handbags that tweens, teens and women love! Step out in style with any of these Boho bags!

You’ll find a great variety of handbags here for everyday, casual outfits. Carry your Boho bag to work, while shopping, or anywhere else you may wander.

Boho incorporates hippie style, along with Moroccan style for a look you’ll love. Express your free spirit with a cool Boho handbag!

These also make great gifts for the special women in your life!

Boho Southwest Sandstone Crossbody Shoulder Bag

Patterned after the rich colors of sandstone in the desert south west this cross body bag is perfect for people on the go. Its large enough to carry the necessary items but not to large as to slow you down. The satchel opens from the top with a heavy zipper and an internal pocket stretching across nearly the entire length is located on the inside.

Boho Southwest Sandstone Crossbody Shoulder Bag

More Boho Bags You’ll Love!

These casual style hipster bags are all the rage with women and girls of all ages! You’ll love the selection below. Click on any product to learn more…

 Winkine Casual Style Canvas Hobo Bag YOUNA Boho PU Leather Bucket Tote ZLYC Women Handmade Dip Dye Leather BTP! HMONG Bag Swingpack Hill Tribe Brown Boho Bag | Real Leather Tribal Elephant Hipster Messenger Purse, Lightweight Funky Blue Floral Boho Chic Oversized Casual Style Canvas Hobo Bag – Sand Elephant Totem Fabric Crossbody Bag KayJayStyles Sun Moon Hippie Boho Slouch Happy Flowers Razor Cut Patchwork Sling, 10 Inch Leather Women’s Handbag Shoulder Beige Extra-Large ”Boho Fringe” Crossbody Hobo Big Buddha Alexa Boho Crossbody Bag Black Boho Bag | Real Leather Unionbay Boho Mini Clutch – Wallet Rising International Inc Color Strips Hobo Women’s Woven Material Aztec Handbag Hippie Roxy Meridian Shoulder Bag Handbag Boho Twisted Women’s PASSPORT Tribal Inspired Crossbody Unionbay Canvas – Woven Material Aztec Boho Patchwork Print with Hot Pink Sts Ranchwear By Carroll Women’s Boho BTP! Thai Cotton Sling Bag Purse Scarleton Striped Pattern Jacquard Drawstring Bag BTP! Thai Cotton Hippie Hobo Sling Celebrity Fringe Tassel Faux Suede Shoulder Hippie Elephant Sling Crossbody Bag Purse Scarleton Striped Pattern Jacquard Shoulder Bag Dawdyfu Womens Fringe Tassel Shoulder Bag BOHO Travel Gym Cheer Duffel Bag Thai Handmade Embroidery Cotton Hippie Hobo Weixinbuy Women’s Embroidered Purse Clutch Bag

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