Allergy Proof Bedding – First Line Of Defense Against Dust Mites

Allergy Proof Bedding That Stops Dust Mites

Allergy proof bedding that stops dust mites and bed bugs in their tracks – you will need them if you have bed bugs infestation at home.

To overcome such bed bugs issues, getting anti allergy bedding is an important step. These dust mites proof bedding prevents these pests from crawling in and out of your mattress or pillows.

However, do not just buy any allergen resistant bedding in the market. You have to make sure that these allergy proof covers come with a 100% no entry feature for these bugs.

Anti Allergy Comforter Cover

Take for example the Bedcare All Cotton Allergy Comforter Cover. It is made from 100% lightweight cotton and comes with a 2-part BugShield Protection System.

You’ll be happy to know that all the nasty bugs are kept out once the zip is pulled. This is because the zipper is in a locked position once zipped and the ends of the zipped part are protected with another barrier.

On top of that double protection, the material is woven in such a way that the pore size is only 2.6 micron, a size that is smaller than the size of the bugs.

Well, sure does give you a safe and victorious feeling in your ‘war’ against these dust mites, right?

A lifetime warranty made this USA made allergy proof comforter cover a good buy.

Just imagine the bed bugs happily crawling in and out of your mattress as you sleep. Creepy and Gross indeed!

The proper anti bugs mattress or pillow covers do a great job in solving your bugs problem in your bedroom.

Of course, besides the allergy proof bedding, I am afraid you will still need to vacuum at least once a week, more if your problem is severe.

Installing an air purifier in your bedroom helps too. Get the air purifier with HEPA filter as these are very good at removing the common house allergens from your indoor air.

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