Managers face three different conditions while making decisions including certainty, risk and uncertainty. Generally, the ideal situation for making decisions is one of certainty, in which a manager can make accurate decisions because the outcome of every alternative is known. For example, when South Dakota’s state treasurer decides where to deposit excess state funds, he […]

What types of decision-making conditions are faced by managers?

Effective leaders must have global business and organisational savvy. They explain global business savvy as the ability to recognise global market opportunities for a company and having a vision of doing business worldwide. Global organisational savvy requires an intimate knowledge of a company’s resources and capabilities in order to capture global markets, as well as […]

What is Effective Global Leadership?

Every time you take your car to the local repair shop, your car mechanic or repair professional tells you to keep your car muffler in good shape. He even suggests you to upgrade the muffler to improve engine power and performance. Do you often wonder what exactly are car mufflers and what do they do […]

What are mufflers and what do they do in your car?

Whether you’re driving on the road or entered a shopping complex, signage is the first thing that captures your attention. Signage for your business, office, building or hospital is the first impression your customers have of you. Different signs increase visibility outside or inside a building and improve visitor experience. Whether you’re looking for a […]

Understanding the different types of signage

The selection process is an important stage in the staffing policy. It is used to set up as a decision tree in which the progression to the next stage of selection or the type of orientation training depends on the assessment of critical factors regarding the job or the candidate at each decision point. One […]

Staffing Policy: The Selection Process

It is essential for managers, who deal with employees from diverse cultures, to recognise common and accepted behaviour when asking them to make decisions. Some individuals may not be as comfortable as others with being closely involved in decision making, or they may not be willing to experiment with something radically different. Managers who accommodate […]

Importance of Creativity in Decision Making

How to manage Effective Monitoring Systems? Management practices, local constraints and expectations regarding authority, time and communication are but a few of the variables likely to affect the appropriateness of monitoring systems. The degree to which headquarters’ practices and goals are transferable probably depends on whether top managers are from the head office, the host […]

How to manage Effective Monitoring Systems?

Employees “learn” an organisation’s culture in a number of ways. The most common are stories, rituals, material symbols, and language. Organisational “stories” typically contain a narrative of significant events or people including such things as the organisation’s founders, rule breaking, reactions to past mistakes, and so forth. To help employees learn the culture, organisational stories […]

How Employees Learn the Organisational Culture?

You always dreamt of doing something big, climbing up the career ladder quickly, achieving great strides etc. Now when you are actually in the shoes of a manager, coping up with the challenges and the responsibilities might pose a threat to you if you are not well prepared. So what is it that takes managers […]

How Do You Become An Efficient And Effective Manager?

The number of females taking CAT exam is very low. The shrinking number of female candidates in business schools is cause of concern for many reputed management institutions. Many business schools are thinking providing reservation for girls in business schools to increase their number. Before taking any breakthrough step, one needs to know why girls […]

Gender divide in IIM campuses

We walked in and looked around a bit before meeting Christine. The house, which we later learned was built in 1906 and measures over 5,000 square feet, was divided into several small rooms on multiple floors in which books were displayed in cases against walls and on tables in the centre. Chairs and benches were […]

Focus on What the Big Boys Don’t Do Well

Organisations are considered global when they exchange goods and services with consumers in other countries. Many organisations, especially high-tech organisations, are considered global because they use managerial and technical employee talent from other countries. One factor that affects talent globalisation is immigration laws and regulations. Managers must be alert to changes in those laws. Finally, […]

Different types of Global Organisations

A midsummer trip happened to fall across Paul’s birthday, so we asked for his guidance on where to celebrate. “No chain restaurants. Let’s find something that’s authentic Middle America,” he said. “Oh, and good beer. I might just have a second on my birthday.” Smartphone research revealed that one of Paul’s favourite brews, Bass Ale, […]

Incentives for Employees

Slidell, Louisiana, is an upscale suburb of New Orleans, about thirty miles northeast of Bourbon Street and across Lake Pontchartrain. We visited in early February, and the mood in town was festive: Both Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl were imminent. The Comfort Inn lobby was decorated with masks, and the young front desk clerk […]

Anticipate to Avoid Exploitation

To answer we must first understand how power works. It operates under the same principle as love: The more one gives to others, the more one receives in return. Unfortunately, many managers assume that there is a limited supply of power; that giving power to another means diminishing one’s own power. Manager can achieve ultimate […]

How Do You Get More Power?
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Shoe Organizing Ideas Got Shoes? I’ve got lots of shoes as do most women and even some men. There’s dress shoes, athletic shoes, casual shoes and the list goes on. There are many shoe organizing ideas that will help you keep your shoes neatly arranged and ready to go. Shoe Organizing Ideas Having your shoes […]

Shoe Organizing Ideas

Bohemian Chic Bedding Sets and Bedroom Decor What is Bohemian Style? In modern usage, the term “Bohemian” is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives. Some might associate Bohemian design with gypsies or hippies, but it can have a Moroccan flare to it, too. Bohemian bedding sets are often fun and colorful. You’ll […]

Bohemian Bedding Sets
outdoor sink

Outdoor Sinks Don’t you just wish that you had an outdoor sink while you are working in the yard? Wouldn’t it be so convenient to be able to have running water and sink to rinse off your garden tools or water the plans? To be able to have a outdoor sink to help you complete […]

Portable Outdoor Sink

Stone Cottage Bedding & Bedding Sets Stone Cottage bedding is affordable and elegant, and it adds lovely decor to any bedroom in your home. Here you will find beautiful Stone Cottage bedding sets, blankets and daybed sets in a variety of colors and designs. These simple, yet classic bedding sets will dress up your bedroom […]

Stone Cottage Bedding

Best Inside & Outside Space Heaters for Home, Patio, Office & RV A space heater is a great way to warm up any space in your home, office or RV. I know many people who use space heaters in their office at work, because the company’s heating system doesn’t distribute heat evenly to every room, […]

Space Heaters, Outdoor & Indoor

abhair Reviews & Tips abHair Extensions for hair are extremely popular today and if you are looking to find some really good quality extensions and tips on using them, that information is provided right here. One company that works, besides being reasonably priced, is abhair. See what you think about their wigs and extensions. The […]

abhair Extensions & Wigs
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