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Spun Glass is Beautiful and Delicate Spun glass products make great collectibles and even souvenirs from trips! It is so fun to watch glass makers make spun glass figurines and more. These delicate items are fun to give and receive. They make awesome Christmas gifts, Mother’s Day Gifts, birthday gifts, and so on. From figurines […]

Spun Glass

Beautiful Glass Tile for Backsplashes and Showers I absolutely love glass tiles, and if I could afford to redecorate my kitchen and bathroom properly, I would definitely want to incorporate some type of glass tiles in each room. You can use glass tiles in your kitchen as a beautiful backsplash option, or use them on […]

Glass Tile

Antique and Vintage Inspired Clocks These clocks that are featured here have been inspired by antique and vintage clocks, and will add interest and design to any room in your home. Whether you are looking for a desk/table clock or wall clock, you have great options to choose from here. You’ll even find some antique […]

Antique Clocks
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Patio Gardening and Stackable Planters I am a patio gardener. With my work schedule it is no longer possible to tend a full scale garden. I love these stackable planters that make it easier for me to keep my beauties fed and watered without spending a lot of time stooping and bending. The height of […]

Patio Gardening and Stackable Planters
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Everybody knows – or at least every woman knows – that her wardrobe is incomplete without the little black dress. Everybody knows – male or female – that the current First Lady in the United States White House, is a fashion icon, symbol, or somebody everybody else wants to dress like. Whenever she steps onto […]

Little Black Dress: Doing It First Lady Style
privacy fence

Have you already begun planning your Spring projects? If you are like me, you can’t wait for Spring. Every year I have somewhere between 5 and 100 projects I want to accomplish. They vary from very tiny to very large projects and many will only take minutes but need to be done. Now, I don’t […]

Spring Project Privacy Fences for Your Home

Your business card is your introduction to everyone you meet. This is your best opportunity to tell every person you come in contact with what you have to offer them. Everyone in business should have a business card. Yes, even online business people. Are you a writer? Do you have an eBay store or your […]

Online Seller Business Cards
Pet Beds

Pet Beds That Will Rock Your Pet’s World! Has your pet had the opportunity to relax on a luxurious pet be recently? If not, consider some of these for him or her. Many of the selections here come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can match the perfect bed to your dog […]

Pet Beds

Aviator Watches for Men Aviator watches were originally designed for pilots, but now they are also worn for style. They are very popular with men and teen boys, and they make great gifts for Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays and more. You’ll love the variety of the men’s aviator watches here. Some have leather bands, while […]

Men’s Aviator Watches

Gardening Sets and Tools for Kids Garden tools for kids allow them to enjoy working along with you in the soil. Let your children help you plant vegetables, fruits and herbs, and learn the pleasure of enjoying items they’ve planted and cared for. These kids’ garden tools will also allow children to plant flowers and […]

Children’s Garden Tools

Kitchen Cabinets Offer Extra Storage These kitchen cabinets offer extra storage for your food, dishes and other items. Some are floor models, and some are wall cabinets. Keep in mind that you can always paint them any color you desire, so if you find a cabinet you like in a different color, you can probably […]

Kitchen Cabinets

Dress Up As an Elf on the Shelf this Christmas or Halloween These elf costumes can be used to dress up as your favorite Elf on the Shelf character for any costume event or special occasion. They might not be named “Elf on the Shelf” costumes, however they are close enough to look like the […]

Elf on the Shelf Costumes

Beautiful Blue Baby Bedding If you are expecting a baby boy in the near future, then you are probably searching for the perfect baby bedding for his room. Blue baby bedding is a great traditional choice for your child’s nursery. There are many shades of blue baby bedding, including navy, soft blue and turquoise. You […]

Blue Baby Bedding

Pink Baby Bedding for Your Little Girl’s Nursery If you are expecting a baby girl, and you want to go the traditional route with the nursery, then you will love this pink baby bedding! You’ll find cute bedding sets and other pink nursery decor featured here. Make your little princess’ room a place of peace, […]

Lovely Pink Baby Bedding

Give Gourmet Gift Baskets for Any Occasion Gourmet gift baskets can be given for any occasion. Consider giving one for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Father’s/Mother’s Day and any other occasion or holiday. You’ll find a variety of gourmet gift baskets here that are filled with delicious gourmet foods. These baskets come wrapped and […]

Gourmet Gift Baskets
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A Good Beer Stein Is A Must To Go With A Good Beer Make a statement with your beer stein or show the world something funny or tell a little about who you are. A beer stein can be very versatile. Here are some beer steins for you to consider. Whether you want cute or […]

The Classy & Cool Beer Stein

Pet Costumes are Fun Pet costumes are a fun way to get your dog or cat involved in Halloween. I don’t know how much fun they will think it is, but I believe some animals enjoy being dressed up, and if yours is one of them, you’ll love these cute dog and cat costume ideas […]

Pet Costumes

Beautiful Striped Bedding Stripes are one of my favorite prints, and I loved striped bedding of all sorts. Whether vertical or horizontal stripes are part of the design, I think stripes are lovely. Depending on the color and design, stripes can be very masculine, but can also be feminine (like the first product shown below). […]

Striped Bedding

Fun Halloween Costumes for Couples Halloween costumes for couples are a fun way to celebrate any costume event. Show your fun side and uniqueness with these costumes for couples. I’ve searched and found some great options for you. Whether you are a married couple, dating, or just friends, these will be a big hoot at […]

Halloween Costumes for Couples
Could You Survive A Hoard Of Zombies?

Could You Survive A Hoard Of Zombies? Ok, here’s the scene. A disaster has happened that has turned humans into brain eating zombies. A huge hoard of them are approaching your fortified dwelling right now. It’s just you and your family with a stock pile of weapons. All that prepping and training is about to […]

Could You Survive A Hoard Of Zombies?
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Although February has been officially designated as Black History Month and is observed in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, Black In Time is an excellent online resource for black history and culture all year-round. The tagline for the website states its purpose succinctly: Celebrating Who We Are By Honoring Who We Were. […]

Inspiring Biographies
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