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Everyone Loves These Lights, It’s Like Having a No Maintenance Aquarium These motions lamps are popular with kids and adults alike. They work great as a night light in a kids room, and can help lull them to sleep. They are beautiful and relaxing in a family room or den. There are even small versions […]

Fish Tank Lamp – Looks Like Fish in an Aquarium

Welcome to my Tinkerbell Holiday Gift Guide! Tinkerbell makes us smile all year long, but at Christmas time, she adds a little extra dose of magic, doesn’t she? She’s all about hope and wishes coming true. But — I also remember well the scene in Peter Pan where she is pouting and jealous – arms […]

Have a Tinkerbell Christmas

Betsy Ross Costumes for Girls Betsy Ross Costumes for Girls gives you a wonderful selection of Betsy Ross Costumes which will be fabulous for any girl who enjoys dressing up. This would be a great costume for the 4th of July school play, Halloween, historic themed parades, or role playing in a backyard presentation to […]

Betsy Ross Costumes for Girls

Hippie Purses and Handbags Carry a hippie backpack with you when hiking or going to school. Some women prefer to carry a backpack as a purse, too. These hippy bags and backpacks are stylish and fun. You’ll enjoy giving them as gifts, as much as you enjoy carrying one yourself. You’ll find hippie hobo style […]

Hippie Purses

Furby Boom Reviews What is a Furby Boom? A Furby Boom is like a Furby, but it has more than twice as many responses as the old Furby. It will remember the name you give it and the names of its friends. It has 5 new personalities to discover, and when you download the Furby […]

Furby Booms

Thermos Funtainers Funtainers are Thermos food containers that are decorated with fun colors, designs and favorite kid’s characters. Kids’ thermos designs might include Barbie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or other fun cartoon characters. You’ll even see a Thermos Funtainer featuring Anna and Elsa from Disney’s animated film, “Frozen.” Kidss Funtainer Thermoses are a blast for […]

Funtainer Thermos

Christmas Cubicle Decorations For Your Office Space – Merry Christmas! Next to Halloween, Christmas is a decorator’s dream haven as well as the Grinch’s nightmare. What better way to express your Christmas spirit than announcing a “Cubicle Decorating for Christmas” contest for your office? Even the Grinch can get involved in this one – no […]

Cubicle Decorating for Christmas

Decorate Your Bedroom for Christmas Those of us who love Christmas enjoy decorating every room of the house! This page is filled with ideas for creating a Christmas bedroom. Christmas bedroom decor can include your bedspread, wall hangings, pretties to display on your dresser, or even removable decals for your wall and a tiny Christmas […]

Christmas Bedroom Decor

Alice in Wonderland jewelry is a favorite gift of Alice fans everywhere! Whether you are searching for an Alice in Wonderland necklace, bracelet, watch or ring, you will find them all on this page. We have selected the best Alice in Wonderland Jewelry we could find on line. These are gifts you will be proud […]

Alice in Wonderland Jewelry

The Top Christmas Cookie Containers – For Home and For Giving Ah, the aroma of cookies baking is a favorite part of the wonderful season! Christmas just isn’t Christmas without lots of cookies, is it? And all the delicious homemade cookies or those carefully chosen at a bakery need to be stored somewhere. That needs […]

Christmas Cookie Containers

Christmas Eve Requires a New Christmas Nightgown for Girls! Imagine what it would be like to have your daughters all dressed in matching Christmas Nightgowns on Christmas Eve. Do your daughters enjoy Christmas nightgowns? The red Christmas gown and robe set shown here would be perfect for all those Christmas photos, and your girls will […]

Girls’ Christmas Nightgowns

Christmas Pajamas Make the Holidays Even More Fun Is there anything sweeter than little children dressed in Christmas PJ’s over the holidays? They are so excited and having such a good time. I am amazed that children sleep at all during the days before Christmas, but they do! When a child puts on Christmas Pajamas […]

Cutest Christmas Pajamas for Kids
steampunk costumes2

Steampunk Costumes are Outrageous and Fun for Halloween, Cosplay or Anyime You Like! Steampunk is gaining popularity every year! What started out as a sub genre of science fiction, has broken out into a genre all it’s own. I’m not surprised it is pretty hard to resist for both men and women. Men – Dapper […]

Steampunk Costumes for Halloween or Cosplay

Nativity Animal Costumes for Little Children As a former Sunday School teacher, I well remember trying to create inexpensive nativity animal costumes for the little children. That was many years ago, and today I was amazed to find so many low budget choices and they are really cute! These little nativity costumes look like they […]

Nativity Animal Costumes

Thomas Jefferson Costumes for Kids for Theater or for Halloween! You will find some awesome Thomas Jefferson child costumes here for your kids for theater or for Halloween! These costumes are very detailed, and kids will be proud to wear one! These Thomas Jefferson children’s costumes are great for your child to wear if you […]

Thomas Jefferson Costumes for Kids

George Washington Costume for Boys Are you looking for a Child’s George Washington Costume for Youth Boys? This George Washington Costume for Kids Page will show you what you can buy, make, or put together from a kit. Take your pick of styles, pick a size, and you are done! If you find something you […]

George Washington Costume

Nursing Pajamas for a New Mom Nursing pajamas are such a convenience for a new mom and baby! Having a new baby in the home is a busy, happy time. I hope that shopping here will save you some precious minutes — so that you have more time to focus on your new baby! Simply […]

Nursing Pajamas

Halloween Costume Ideas for Teen Girls Halloween costumes for teen girls don’t have to be terrifying and gory or even overly sexy. Discuss your teen girl’s costume ideas with her before the Halloween party, and help her find a fabulous costume she can wear with pride and fun! She can be dressed as part of […]

Halloween Costume Ideas for Teen Girls

Abraham Lincoln Costume for Kids The Abraham Lincoln Costume for Kids Catalog provides you with a wide range of costumes of Abe Lincoln for Boys. You will find a variety of ideas, daily clothing, formal theater costumes, and the traditional hat and beard (which is by far the most important element of this costume). Take […]

Kids’ Abraham Lincoln Costume

Halloween Dinnerware is A Fun Way to Decorate! Halloween mugs and other dinnerware are fun and inexpensive! They also add a little Halloween decor to your kitchen during October. Fall Colors and Happy Halloween mugs are simple ways to make your home festive. Halloween mugs and dinnerware can be spooky or funny, bright happy fall […]

Halloween Mugs and Dinnerware
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